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Locking systems of the safes

Locking systems for safes

The locking systems for safes are varied and have customised programming for each type of activity and use. All locking systems are designed for the type of functionality required by the business or user.

For a locking system to be complete, it must have a perfect combination of the following mechanisms: Quality of all internal locking systems, Locks against external attacks, Lock certified by competent European laboratories, Combinations certified and accredited by competent European bodies, as well as having an independent lock.

Key lock

Key-operated safes are the simplest of all locking systems. This locking system operates the lock by rotating the key.

Digital Numeric Combination

Electronic safes have a locking system activated by entering a numerical opening code on the digital display of the combination. These locking mechanisms have a wide variety of applications and functions depending on each model.

Digital + delay + time combination

This locking mechanism is similar to the digital numeric combination, but includes a programmed opening time and a time delay lock, usually 10 minutes.

Biometric analysis system

The safes with fingerprint detectors have the most modern and advanced locking systems on the market. Their system detects fingerprints using state-of-the-art processors. They have a wide variety of functions and even an external opening audit.

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