Automatic Motor Bases

The new VELOFIX Automatic Motor Bases has been projected to be an advantageous replacement for old motor bases.

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With the VELOFIX Automatic Motor Bases drive belts can be tightened, without the need to stop the motor, which eliminates costly stoppages of machinery, the danger of pulley misalignment and the need for one or two production workers to be held up while a mechanic tightens the belts.


VELOFIX Automatic Motor Bases can be assembled anywhere; on the ground, on a wall or roof, either horizontally, vertically or on a gradient.


The upper part is designed to slide gently over the lower part, without loosening or lifting.


There is sufficient resistance in the bolt to tension the belts, even when the base remains fixed for a long period of time and in wet and corrosive conditions, because the bolt is cadmium plated to prevent rusting and seizing.


The tensioning bolt is always accessible in any position.


Depending on the numbers ordered, the bases can be delivered with drilled holes so that the motors can be mounted without any machining.