Gruber Vaults have been tested and certified in accordance with UNE EN 1143-1, the European standard for burglary protection. Gruber vault doors also offer resistance UNE EN 1143-1.

Design and build all kinds of Vault. Our clients can have their product made to measure, with the best features available in the sector.

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Vaults with resistance grading from Grade 3 to Grade 7. Additionally for further security we offer KB and EX grades to any resistance grading.

Vaults modular panels optimizing the use of available space

We provide a complete service from design and drawings to supply, installation and commissioning. All of our vaults, strongrooms, cages and doors are tested and certified to European Standards by AENOR.

The Vaults panels are made of multi-layer composites with each layer housing a unique resistance to attack. Each panel will be certified individually and they are interlocking to build a strongroom to our customers requirements.

Provision can be made in the panels to run services to the interior of the vault or strongroom such as lights, heating, alarms, air conditioning and communications.

Euro grade Vaults

We offer certified protection against burglary (certified by AENOR) for grades 3 to 7.

Gruber vault doors come in a new design that is thinner and lighter. The doors are constructed with an armoured, stainless-steel door frame and come with an optional grille gate that offer an extra layer of protection.

Technical specifications

High-performance materials and locking systems with high-security rectangular bolts

Configurable with a variety of options: thermal and seismic detection alarms, internal light switches, grill gates, stainless steel back plates and door sills

Certified performance: break-in resistance as per EN 1143-1 (grades 3 to 7 depending on models)