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The security windows are designed to be installed in banks, gas stations, embassies, post offices, securities companies, portals, agencies, police, casinos, houses of loans on garments …

What is a security window?

Finally, a security window is a protection system against attacks from the outside, with bulletproof protection.

Its composition in high resistance stainless steel and the bulletproof resistance of the glass, make these windows the safest on the market.

Security options

Below we show the most prominent options that can be coupled to these security systems:

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Bulletproof glass 28mm
Anti-panic button connected to the alarm receiving center and police forces
Alarm systems of different degrees of security
Dispenser counter

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These security windows with bulletproof glass must be installed by qualified personnel, always verifying and checking the installation by the site manager.

For more information, contact our team of experts in security products so that they can inform you correctly about all our products for payment areas.

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