Locked Cabinets

We manufacture a range of High-Security Locked Cabinets for the safe storage of high-value assets.

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Security Cabinets XA120

1200 x 500 x 400 mm

Security Cabinet XA145

1450 x 500 x 425 mm

Security Cabinets XA170

1700 x 700 x 450 mm

Locked Cabinets XA190

1900 x 785 x 570 mm

Locked Cabinets XA195

1950 x 1250 x 600 mm

Locked Cabinet ATS

1950 x 985 x 610 mm

Locked Cabinets

Security Locked Cabinets in a variety of sizes and offering an exceptional build quality, our Security Locked Cabinets are widely used across a range of industries to meet the requirements for retail security, medical premises, education premises, law enforcement security and commercial offices.

All of these locking cabinets can be equipped with removable shelves for a personalised arrangement according to need or equipment for weapon storage and stowage.

All of the high-security locks are certified to European standard EN 1300, a guarantee of security and reliability.

Class B secure locking cabinets are compliant with General Interministerial Instruction 1300 dated 30-11-2011 issued by the Ministry of Defence and National Security, Class B security furniture.

Gruber security cabinets bring you the best burglary and fire protection, efficiency and ease of use while optimising your storage space.

Vital documents, precious objects, archives, computers, other electronics and cash can be a challenge to adequately secure in banking, retail, commercial, military and government environments. But ensuring these items are protected is a priority for any organisation.