Key Safes

When it comes to buying the best key safes to suit your requirements, there are few factors worth bearing in mind. These include: buttons, capacity and design. Check our offers!

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Key Safes

There’s never been a better time to invest in a key safes if you want to provide secure access to your home, office or business with minimal contact.

Capacity: While it may seem obvious, many people fail to consider what size key safe they actually require, until it’s too late. Take time to consider how many sets of keys you intend on storing at a time, and make a choice accordingly.

Lock options: Digital locks, key locks and Fingerprint locks.
Digital and Fingerprint combination: Ideal for holding a spare house key or two, this outdoor wall mount allows you to lock the box with a digital or fingerprint combination code.

Easy installation: Designed with pre-drilled holes, for quick installation, you won’t need to worry about a long and complicated installation process. If we’re honest, no-one really wants to have to got to the hassle of installing a complex key safe, which is where this simple design and easy installation comes up trumps.

Durable design: Made from metal, this durable key safe is designed to withstand attempted break-ins.

Cabinet lock key: Perfect for those looking to store more than one set of keys, or other items, this model has a large enough capacity to fit multiple items, comfortably, and without compromising security.