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Safe Deposit Boxes are specifically designed for banks, jeweller’s, hotels, etc., and can offer a system for safekeeping documents, jewels, money and any type of valuable object.

Safe deposit boxes are a secure container usually made of metal that’s used to store valuables at a bank or credit union. These boxes are often kept in vaults and can be rented throughout the lifetime of a customer for an annual fee.

Our safety deposit boxes can be perfectly installed in Grade IV Armoured Vaults, Grade IV High Risk Safes, Video-monitored enclosed cabinets, etc.

The safety deposit boxes have anti-picking and anti-extraction protection which along with the general construction have achieved an official laboratory certification in compliance of Regulation UNE 108-115 Level B security rating.

What should go in a safe deposit box

Antiques, documents and anything that’s difficult or impossible to replace that isn’t needed right away could be worth putting in a safe deposit box.

What should not go in a safe deposit box

Avoid storing items you might need on short notice or in an emergency in your safe deposit box.

When should you use a safe deposit box?

Even if the item you are storing in a safe deposit box doesn’t typically need to be retrieved quickly, consider how simply not having access to the item might be troublesome.

Why use a safe deposit box?

Safe deposit boxes can provide added safety beyond what you may have available at home.

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