Our safes come in many different sizes and designs, so you can store cash, documents and jewels. We have many different type of safes at he best prices!

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We have the most secure safes on the market, and we manufacture perfect home and business models. We have been specialist manufacturers of different kinds of safe since 1908.

Discover our safe boxes. We have all kind of safe boxes, with the best price. Safe boxes for banks, shops, jewelry stores, enterprises, “gold” shops,… We can provide technicians and installers in UK, Spain and Portugal.

Here you will find all that you need to know for buying an online safe-box. In this paragraph of our web, you will dispose all the necessary information about safe-boxes sale of high security in Arcas Gruber.

We offer to you safes models for individual people and enterprises that need a high level security of their personal objects and prized godos or those that need an extra security like case of weapons.

There are available variety system locks, key locks, mechanic and digital combinations to select the best one, depending on the security that you need.

We put at your disposal our best models of own fabrication, with the best price for your home or business, all of them 100% customizable.

The best-selling safe boxes

We show a relation of best-selling safe boxes in arcasgruber.com during the last 5 years, in order to receive advice about the  most current material of the market.

What is a safe-box?

Safes-boxes are a security place designed to introduce inside jewelry, documents, valuable objects and cash.

It is made to avoid attacks from outside by its composition with high resistant materials and a high security key lock system.

The safe-boxes are daily used by all kind of people and in locations, from homes to businesses or banks.

It,s no necessary to depend on external people to protect all the things deposited inside.

Why do you need to buy a safe-box?

These safes boxes are needed for all kind of activity with a reliable protection system before any attempted robbery. We have models for a basic or high security.

Depending on your requirements, there are great variety of types of safe boxes to shop online in Arcasgruber.com:

Superimposed safe-boxes

Built-in safe-boxes

Fireproof safe-boxes

Slot Safe-boxes

Floor safe-boxes

Camouflage safe-boxes

Hotel safe-boxes

VCR safe-boxes

Luxury safe-boxes

For having a safe-box with a proper weight we recommend a weight equal to or greater than 200 kg.

Take into account if you need a security grade, according to current regulations, it can be that you need a grade III one,  for that purpose, you can visit the approved safe-boxes category.

Moreover, if you need approved gunsmiths for short or long weapons, you can visit the category with all the available options to shop online.

The best safe-boxes on sale

How to find the best safes-boxes? To find the best ones for you, your business or your home, it can be complicated.

For that reason, we put at your hand to the best professionals in private security, to solve all your doubts and in this way, you can have a safe-fox with the higher protection levels.

The price of the safe-boxes will depend on the chosen model, depending on the security levels, materials, kind of key locks and other factors.

Therefore, if you have any doubt about which to select, contact with our security specialists and they will offer you the best solution accordiing to your needs.

Why are our safe boxes essentials at home or in a business?

1.- High Security

Our high security safe boxes are the one and only system that guarantees a máximum protection against robbery attemps. Owning one of them let you protect the goods deposited inside with a maximum reliability

2.- Freedom

It´s another way to raise the protection at home and at businesses.

To have optimal security systems guarantee a security and a freedom at the time of making our daily tasks, either in our home or in our business.

Types of Safe boxes

There are different types of safe-boxes which have different measures and types of lock systems.

The first thing that we should know is that a safe box is the most reliable security mechanism and secure to safeguard money in documents, cash, jewelry, etc…

Small Safe boxes vs Big Safe boxes

The comparative between a small safe box and a big one can be very complicated.

It doesn´t necessary means that more bigger and heavier more acquired resistance against external attempts.

By general terms, the big safe boxes usually have a security level depending on the different international regulations. These models usually have máximum safety features.

For homes

This kind of security-boxes are designed to protect valuable objects inside the houses.

Normally, they are installed safe-boxes without certification,although our models dispose of an equal degree as a 1st degree according to the European regulations UNE EN 1143-1.

One of the best options that we propose to you is the built-in safe which it will be totally hidden in your home.

For businesses

The models of security-boxes for enterprises don´t necessarilly have to dispose of certification, although they are normally approved with a low security 3rd Degree according to UNE EN 143-1.

Materials and resistance levels.

All our models are composed of different materials and composites of different resistors, so resistance levels vary. It has to take into consideration:

Security against robberies

In the specifications of European regulations for theft protection must have security measures comparable to 1st degree according to UNE EN 1143-1.

Our models for homes have an equivalence higher than Grade 1 and for businesses that need a high security Grade, we supply safe-boxes approved in I, II & III Grade.


Depending on that we want to put inside we have to dispose of one fireproof safe-box with resistance for documents or magnetic supports.

The principal difference between models is the resistance to high temperaturas caused by fires.

Manufacturing materials

To obtain different security grades in a safe-box are used a very wide variety.

Then, we will show you the most frequently used materials:

Sheet steel:  High resistance sheet Steel is the base material of all safe-boxes. Their employability in the exterior and interior bodies, in addition to its interior mechanisms and hinges make it the material that agglomerates the entire security system.

Manganese Steel alloyseste: This type of ferric material is used in the different closing systems. Its special characteristics make it a perfect reinforcement.

Concrete: Reinforced concrete is deposited between the external and internal walls of a safe box. Its compositions are varied although the most frequent are lime, cement, sand and water.

Metallic fibers: Metal fibers are a component that can adhere to concrete. Its function is to add steel to the concrete to achieve greater resistance to attacks.

Fiberglass: This fiber is an additive used in concrete to limit cracks.

Security standards

All Gruber safe boxes are manufactured according to European security standards.

The entire composition of the safebox is máximum security, from the walls to the door.

The security systems incorporated in the door are usually doublé, having an independent key lock and a combination with another independent lock, in this way we achieve a doublé level of security.

Closing systems

For a closed system to be complete, it must have a perfect combination of:

Quality of all internal locking systems, locks against external attacks, lock certified by competent European laboratorios, combinations certified and accredited by competent European bodies, as well as having an independent lock.

The main closing systems and combinations are:

Lock with key:

These systems are the simplest of all of them. This locking system operates the lock by turning the key.

Electronic lock:

CLosing system activated by entering a numerical opening code on the combination´s digital display.

These closing mechanisms have a great variety of applications and functions depending on each model.

Electronic lock, with delay and Schedule:

This closing mechanism is similar to the digital numerical combination, although it includes a programming of the opening hours and a blocking by a delay, usually 10 minutes.

Biometric analysis system

These systems are the most modern and advanced on the market. Their system detect fingerprints through its latest generation processors. They have a wide variety of functions and even the external opening audit.

Types of locks?

The types of locks that can be incorporated are usually double bit with their relevant approval. Throughout our range, the máximum performance of these locks is analyzed in order to make a perfect fit.

Types of combinations?

In Arcas Gruber you will find all kinds of combinations that can be incorporated into safe boxes.

The main difference to be analyzed is the utility that is required due to the most of combinations are programmable.

How to install a safe?

One of the most relevant factors when installing a safe is the place where we must carry out said installation, in addition to the construction materials for both walls and floors, exposed areas, public passage areas …

What risk do we have?

Each local and customer has a particular risk from robbery attempts. We must know if we are vulnerable to external and internal attacks

Objects deposited inside

Our entire range can be classified by what you want to deposit inside. You can also know the level of security that is required in each business by the insured value that you want to keep inside the safe

Don’t be fooled by certain factors

We have been able to analyze throughout the more than 100 years of our history, that there are certain sellers who try to highlight certain attributes that have nothing to do with the security of a safe-box.

Number of bolts: The number of bolts does not necessarily mean a higher level of security. They are systems that limit the leverage of the door, but have maximum resistance.

The size of the bolts: As we have said before, the bolts acquire maximum resistance, which does not mean that with greater thickness we achieve greater safety performance.

And also with cheap or second-hand safes

Never trust when buying cheap or second-hand safes, since it cannot be guaranteed that the performance of the model you are buying will be optimal. The most common models usually have a single security measure made entirely of sheet steel. These security systems typically take 1 to 2 minutes for amateur thieves to open them with a simple blowtorch. And between 1 and 3 minutes with mechanical cutting systems

Where to buy safes? Why trust Arcas Gruber?

To buy safes, trust Arcas Gruber, we have been manufacturers since 1908. We have all kinds of security products, with the maximum benefits.

In addition to having conventional models, we also have models certified by the relevant laboratories, guaranteeing the highest level of safety at all times. Consult our payment methods and buy one of our totally personalized models

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