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How to open a safe

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How to open a safe depending on the type

The first thing to bear in mind in order to know how to open a safe is to know the different security systems that are integrated. Normally, safes have a double locking system, consisting of a key lock and a combination lock.

How to open a safe with a key lock

To find out how to open a safe with a key lock, we will have to turn the key as if it were a standard door, then we will rotate the knob or handle of the safe, and in this way we will have opened the safe correctly.

How to open an electronic safe with key locks

This is the most common system found in safes. It consists of 2 unified locking systems, the independent key lock and the digital combination with independent lock.

First of all, to open the electronic safe, we will have to open the key lock. Next, we will have to enter the digital code in the electronic combination, then we will turn the knob or handle of the safe in a time not exceeding 3-5 seconds. This will successfully open the electronic safe.

How to open an electronic safe with time delay + time + key lock

Electronic safes with delay + time + key lock open in the same way as electronic safes, adding that they have a programmable delay (usually we have a time window of about 10 minutes of waiting) and in turn have a programmable schedule of the business. This schedule limits the opening time of the safe to that programmed by the manufacturer.

Other locking systems for safes

There are a number of locking systems that are increasingly being installed in safes, such as:

Biometric safes

Biometric safes are safes with a combination that detects the fingerprints of the users.

Safes with double key system

These locking systems are normally used in banks or businesses with night-time cash withdrawals. One key is held by the business manager and the other by the contracted cash withdrawal company.

Transit safes

Transit safes or night safes are mainly installed in banks. They have 2 access doors to the safe, one for authorised bank branch staff and the other for the company in charge of cash withdrawal.

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