Fire proof safes

The Fire proof safes is designed to protect documents and magnetic media against the high temperatures of a fire. There are 2 kinds of fireproof boxes: With resistance for documents and paper, and for the protection of magnetic media, DATA and media.

From Gruber and thanks to our extensive experience in safes, we managed to develop fireproof safes to store money, magnetic media or documents.

We have fireproof box models for individuals and companies, for all types of documents and computer media, in turn with a wide variety of sizes, weights and closing systems. Our models are fully customizable!

Best-selling fire proof safes

Here are the best-selling small and large fire proof safes at Arcas Gruber. In this way, you can find out about the most current products on the market, all of them manufactured according to the established standard. One of the models of fireproof box for documents that our clients request the most are those that have an electronic combination since they offer high security

What are fireproof safes? 

As their name suggests, they are safe deposit boxes designed to protect documents, magnetic media, computer media and all kinds of valuables from large fires.

These flame retardant models are classified according to the temperature that their interior reaches in the event of a fire, and the period of time that passes before this temperature increases. It must be taken into account that during a fire more than 3,000ºC can be reached

Types: There are different types of fireproof boxes, which in turn have different types of measures and different types of closure systems For documents The document models are designed exclusively for document protection. We have fireproof boxes with resistance of 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes. For magnetic holders The models for magnetic media are designed for the protection of computer media, such as CDs, pen drives, memories, hardware … We have models with resistance for 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes and 120 minutes. All of these models also have document protection

How to choose a fireproof safe?

To be successful when choosing a fireproof safe, we must consider certain variants: 1.- Material deposited inside The great variety of models are segmented into 2 slopes. Each one of them makes the interior composition of the fireproof boxes vary, acquiring different features from one model to another. Next, we show the 2 classes of fireproof safes that exist. 2.- Security level We have fireproof boxes with resistance to external attacks. These models are accredited with the European UNE EN 1143-1 certification, regulatory standards against attacks.

What risk do we have?

Each client and user must take into consideration the possibilities and risk that are faced with possible fires. In addition, we must consider the possibilities against external attacks.

Objects deposited inside

Our fireproof boxes can be classified by what you want to deposit inside, so the function of said safe will have to be analyzed.

Types of fireproof boxes

Fireproof safes are exclusively manufactured in rim models, since protection must be carried out around their perimeter. Some model can be built into due to the provision of a decreased weight.

The unique manufacture of these models is due to the fact that in the case of manufacturing recessed models, both on walls and on the floor, we could not guarantee the correct installation of these safety mechanisms.

Materials for making a fireproof security box

To achieve the different resistances to the high temperatures caused by fires, there are different materials to achieve maximum performance.

Sheet steel

The steel plate is the first contact that flames have and the first barrier against high temperatures in fires.

Calcium sulfate

Increases the load and fire resistance of your entire internal assembly.

Light aggregates

The light composition of all the internal padding makes the fireproof boxes of reduced weights.

Hydraulic binders

They allow great stability to fire, providing great resistance to exposure to flames.

Closing systems:

Fireproof boxes, as they are light in weight, require a perfect harmony between the locking systems and their internal drive systems, using a latch as high-performance locks.

The main closure systems and combinations are:

1.- Key lock: They are the most used in this type of safes, since fireproof safes are normally installed in offices and companies.

2.- Digital numerical combination: This locking system is the 2nd most used, it provides a higher level of security, due to the encoding of passwords and users to be used.

3.- Digital combination + delay: This locking system is similar to the digital numerical combination, although it includes programming the lock by means of a delay, normally 10 minutes.

4.- Biometric analysis system: Maximum performance system. This combination detects the fingerprints of the different users incorporated in the database.For more information about buying a fireproof safe certified according to the standard, do not hesitate to contact our specialists in safes and we will assist you in a personalized way.

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