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Our Fireproof filing cabinets are designed for maximum security under the most extreme FIRE and ROBBERY conditions. They are perfect for safeguarding documents, or any kind of electronic format.

Fireproof Filing Cabinets

Fireproof filing cabinets are the perfect addition to your home office or workplace. It is perfect for keeping sensitive documents and files safe and secure.

Gruber’s fireproof filing cabinets can help prevent this type of catastrophe by providing the high level of protection from potential fires, impact damage and damage from water coming from sprinklers and fire hoses.

Fireproof file cabinets are the most secure place to store all of your documents. These have small shelves that pull out and can store important documents and information. If there are any documents or papers that are of utmost importance, then a fireproof filing cabinet is the way to go.

One of the more popular options for a fireproof cabinet is steel. Steel is a great option since it is very sturdy and will last you a very long time. The steel option is built for longevity.

Standard description

Fire Rate filing cabinets certified with protection for 1/2 hour to 2 hours.

Comfortable operation for full drawer access with steel sliders and fire protection activated as soon as the doors are pushed closed

Maximised storage capacity to gain full advantage of the office space

High-security locks equipped as standard

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3 year warranty

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