Banknote Counters

Banknote counters tested by the bank of England, and trusted by UK & European banks, you can be sure our note counting machines are of the highest quality.

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Banknote Counters

A banknote counter is a money counter to count and check banknotes. Cash counters are needed everywhere you have bigger cash amounts in daily business.

Banknote Counters models are available with features such as autmatic counterfeit detection and value counting.

All note counting machines give you a fast and reliable way to count your notes whenever you need to.

A note counter eliminates counting errors, so your accountant will stay off your back, and you’ll always have an accurate record of your daily takings.


All our models are covered by a comprehensive on site warranty as standard for your complete peace of mind and are used by major retailers , banks , charities and other organisations on a daily basis.