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Manufacturing materials of the safes

Materials used in the manufacture of safes

The first thing to know about the materials used in the manufacture of safes is that each type of safe has different types of materials. The higher the level of security, the more burglary-resistant materials are used.

Steel sheet

High-strength sheet steel is the base material for all safes. Its usability in the outer and inner bodies, as well as in its inner mechanisms and hinges, make it the material that brings together the entire security system.

Manganese steel alloys

This type of ferrous material is used in various locking systems. Its special characteristics make it a perfect reinforcement for safes.


Reinforced concrete is placed between the external and internal walls of a safe. Its compositions are varied, although the most frequent are lime, cement, sand and water.

Metallic fibres

Metallic fibres are a component that can be bonded to concrete. Its function is to add steel to the concrete to make it more resistant to attack.


This fibre is an additive used in concrete to limit cracking

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