Metal Doors

Gruber provides a full line of standard and custom hollow metal doors for new and retrofit construction projects in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

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Metal Door PE11

2256 x 1600 x 140 mm

Security Metal Door PE20

2080 x 1060 x 140 mm

High Security Metal Door PE9

2186 x 1018 x 140 mm

Security Metal Doors PI01

2150 x 1400 x 140 mm

Metal Door PI02

2150 x 900 x 140 mm

High Security Metal Doors PI10

2150 x 820 x 140 mm

Metal Doors PI13

2186 x 1600 x 140 mm

Metal Doors and steel doors is designed with contemporary and minimalistic homes in mind. The luxury steel doors within this collection aim for the linear over the organic and feature sleek and simple designs and hardware that truly stand out. These beautiful and modern factory style steel entry doors have been used as exterior doors , patio and doors, back or steel front doors , and even as steel room dividers.

With a variety of finishes, glass panels and hardware, choosing or customizing a front door that suits the look of your home and your personal taste couldn’t be easier.

Metal Doors Material

These Doors are made of reinforced steel sheets and filled with armoured materials such as concrete, polystyrene, kraft honeycomb, or polyurethane.