Vault doors

We offer the highest level of Vaults Doors, neutralizing even the most sophisticated burglary tools in your Vaults, Panic Rooms or Safe Rooms.

Gruber have Armoured doors certified according to the European Standard UNE EN 1143-1 in security degrees 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

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The vault Doors are the main access to the vaults, bunkers and panic rooms. Their armor makes these doors the safest on the market.

Visit our models of different prices and security levels from 3 to 11, duly certified according to current regulations.

What is an Armoured doors?

An Vault doors are an access door to restricted areas that require maximum security. Their internal composition makes these mechanisms the most secure option against attacks from the outside.

Certified Vault doors

These Armoured security doors have security certificates in Grades 3 to 11, according to the European standard UNE EN 1143-1. Each degree of security reflects a greater resistance to different attacks from outside.
Assembling an armored door

Armoured doors offer certified protection against burglary (certified by AENOR), with grades 3-10 UNE EN 1143-1. Gruber vault doors don’t only claim to offer high burglary resistance, their efficiency is proven through certification

Moreover, all the security tests are carried out by skilled independent laboratories and bodies in accordance with established international standards.

Our Vault doors are also designed to optimise simplicity and accessibility. The doors can be designed to accommodate an alarm system.

It’s important to match a vault door to its intended purpose. Certified vault doors in different grades, providing protection against burglary, physical attack, fire and explosives

Gruber’s  Armoured Doors PW series has been specifically designed to be installed in security vaults, panic rooms, credit institutions, jewellers, lottery headquarters, service stations, and anywhere else where our clients want a security system with the best available features in the market.

Consult the technical sheet of each product to verify its correct installation. All installations must be carried out by highly qualified personnel.

We have stores to buy armored doors in Madrid and Bilbao. Do not hesitate to come and visit us or review the models that we have published in our online store.