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The Pass-through trays are designed to be installed in gateways, gas stations, banks, ticket stores, exchange offices, government entities, companies …

The best-selling pass-through trays

We show you the best-selling pass-through trays on, during the last 5 years, to be able to receive an adequate orientation of the most current on the market.

Pass-through trays: What are they and what are they used for?

Finally, they are countertop trays made of stainless steel or high quality treated sheet steel. All its sliding surface is duly polished or lacquered to guarantee a correct sliding of cash and credit cards.

How to choose and get the model right?

To choose the correct model we will have to take into account: The level of security to be used at the counter, the type of material that makes up the tray and the size to choose.

Manufacturing materials

The most common materials used in the manufacture of coin purses are the following:

Sheet steel

High-strength steel sheet is the base material of many of our Coin Pass holders, their resistance makes them a great security measure for customer service counters.
Stainless steel
This type of ferric material is used in several of the models, its hardness and the polish that we apply exert a perfect sliding surface for the exchange of cash, credit cards and any other product that you want to supply.

How to install a coin pass?

These security systems must be installed by qualified personnel, supervised in turn by the site manager.
Maximum security options
Here are other options for customer service areas and payment areas:

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Bulletproof glass: We have all levels of security
Intercom or security intercom
Bulletproof furniture: We have a wide variety of certifications
Anti-panic buttons connected to an alarm receiving center, which in turn is connected to the different police forces
Alarm systems: We have a department in charge of studying and executing the complete alarm system project at the different security levels.

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For more information about our security products, contact us so that an Arcas Gruber security specialist can offer you a solution according to your needs.

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