Euro Grade 3

Euro grade 3 cash cover tells you the amount of cash the safe is designed to protect (£30,000). To find the jewellery cover on a safe just times the cash cover on a safe by 10 (£300,000).

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Euro Grade 3

Available in a range of sizes from 45 to 300 litres, the Euro Grade 3 model complies with EN 1143-1.

Standar accesories

  • Inner compartment
  • Shelf
  • Deposit tube or drum
  • Securikey Euro Grade 3 Safe
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • £35,000 cash and £350,000 valuables insurance rating
  • Independently tested and certified by APPLUS test house
  • Certified according to EN 1143-1 Security Grade 3
  • Fitted with VdS Class 2 double bitted safe lock
  • Multiple locking options available upon enquiry
  • Internal door pan is locked to prevent tampering
  • Bespoke RAL colours available – please contact us for details