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Protect the interior of your home

It is a big mistake to believe that our home will never be targeted by burglars. Despite family  insurance, many people do not cover burglary or squatting in their home insurance. 

According to a 2020 criminal investigation by the Ministry of the Interior, there have been  103,293 cases of armed robbery in Spanish homes and businesses, which have been under  alarm and lockdown during the year. 

This situation prompts us to take a number of measures and precautions to avoid such  problems during our holidays. 

In many cases, when we travel, for example, we cannot count on a friend or relative to take  care of the house every few days. But we can consider a number of measures to avoid such  situations.

Some keys to protecting my home

While this is simple and basic, remember to lock the door and not leave the windows open.  Open windows are key to deterring a burglar or someone trying to squat. 

On the other hand, it must be ensured that the locks on the doors and windows of the house  are in good condition and show no signs of use or age. In a longer descent, it is always  better to reinforce windows and doors. 

It is a mistake to make copies of keys and put them in areas close to the house. In case you  want a copy outside your home, it is always better to leave the copy with a trusted  neighbour, friend or relative. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight, more and more people are  choosing a safe for their home. This way, you avoid major thefts if burglars enter your home. 

At the moment, an alarm system is essential in homes and offices. They not only warn when  the offence in question is committed, but also warn of accidents such as fires, floods and  others. 

Just as there are armoured and reinforced doors, there are also safes with these properties.  These offer much more security, but if you do not have this type of doors or vaults, there are  other different systems that provide more security and convenience, such as security  systems, intelligent locks, etc.

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