Dispenser counter

The dispenser counter is specifically designed to be placed in any customer service window, with the highest security standards, so that contact with the outside is possible but without losing security.

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Dispenser counter MODIS41

55 x 680 x 120-300 mm

Dispenser counters MODIS44

1060 x 680 x 120-300 mm

Dispenser counter MODIS45

85 x 680 x 120-300-565 mm

What is a dispenser counter?

Finally the dispenser counters are panic units with a large item dispenser at the bottom. Its composition is made of high-strength steel, making these counters the safest on the market.
Security options
Below we show the most prominent options that can be coupled to these security systems:

28mm bulletproof glass
Anti-panic button connected to the alarm receiving center and police forces
Alarm systems of different degrees of security

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The security counters must be placed by highly qualified personnel, supervising and verifying the installation by the site manager.

For more information, contact our team of security professionals.