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The best small safes


We know that one of the biggest concerns in everyday life is undoubtedly the protection of  our valuable belongings, and there is no better way to achieve this than with a safe, so we  want to help you by sharing with you the best small safes. 

With these safes, not only will you be able to guarantee the protection of your goods, but  also discretion wherever you decide to install them, as they are the perfect size to adapt to  any corner of your home.

What is the ideal small safe for my home?

The main thing to take into account is the type of goods I want to protect, as this will  determine the level of security I need and consequently the type of safe I should buy.


Before buying a safe, it is important to choose the place where we want to install it, so that  we can assess the ideal size for us, as well as the type of anchoring needed for installation  or if a safe is sufficient. 

In terms of security, anchor safes or heavy safes are ideal, as in the event of a burglary  inside your home or business, it will be impossible for them to take the safe with them.


This is another important factor to consider. There are high-security safes that are also fire  resistant, making them ideal for protecting important documents, as well as water resistant  safes, ideal for sites prone to flooding. 

When buying a safe, consider what you are going to store inside it and what is the ideal way  to protect it from environmental factors as well.  


Undoubtedly the most important factor to consider when buying a safe, to determine the  degree of security you will need to look at the thickness of the walls and door, as well as the  material it is made of, the number of bolts on the door and the type of lock it has.

Top-mounted safes

This type of safe is easy to install as well as being discreet in size, ideal for your home or  small business. 

Although they do not have an anchoring system, they are made entirely of high-strength  steel plate reinforced on each side and weigh 19 kg for the light ones and 79 kg for the  others. 

These models are delivered with a double bitted security lock (2 keys included) and  mechanical roulette combination, although you can customise it by changing the mechanical  roulette for a digital, minitech or biometric lock. As well as having the option of being used as  a deposit safe, thanks to the option of integrating all the systems to become a slotted safe or  deposit safe. 

Small Homologated Gun Racks

If you want to protect grade 3 handguns, this is the ideal option for you, as it has the  homologation required by the European standard UNE EN 1143-1 for the possession and  storage of this type of weapon (if you want to know more about this type of gun rack, click  here).

Small hotel safes

This type of safe has the particularity of having electronic locks for automatic opening and  closing, as well as a 3 to 6 digit code with code confirmation to the customer and emergency  opening with key and master code. 

They are constructed from 20/10e sheet steel for the body and 5mm door with 6mm armour  plating, and although light in weight, they come with fixing holes for wall and floor, making  them secure and very easy to install. 

Within this category you can also find models with an advanced electronic locking system  with an anti-tampering system and a high security lock, such as:

You can also find electronic safes, which feature a high quality electronic lock,  programmable with user and master codes, an LCD display shows the time, date and lock  status. The lock can also display the last 45 openings for added security when used in an  office or hotel and are equipped with an LED interior light so that the contents can be easily  seen even in dimly lit places, some examples of these are:

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