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¿Cómo escoger una caja fuerte para casa?

caja fuerte para tu vivienda

There are different types of safes depending on the needs and size available for installation.  Common variables to consider include installation location, size, visibility and other variables  related to the material used and its strength and opening mechanism. 

These are some of the types of safes that exist: 

  • Surface safes: They are screwed onto the desired surface. 
  • Built-in safes: These are safes that need to b e installed in the wall or floor,  depending on the model we choose. 

On the other hand, they vary according to size and model, and in terms of the way they  open, for example: 

  • Key-operated opening 
  • Opening with mechanical combination 
  • Opening with electronic combination 
  • Combination and key 

Fireproof safes are available. They are designed with a fireproof function, ideal for people  who need to store valuable paper documents. 

There are also safes that are camouflaged. They are famous for being designed and  installed in the floor of the house or wall, so they are completely hidden and camouflaged.

Some key points to consider when choosing your safe 

  • Decide on its size taking into account what you want to store in it.

  • Know the level of security you need

  • Knowing the resistance of the box

  • Choose the opening system according to the use of the box: electronic or  mechanical.

  • Do not spend more than necessary. Always take into account the personal needs  and possibilities offered by the property.

Does it need to be approved?

Approval is only required for some specific cases, but for security reasons we always  recommend that the safe is approved, as this way we can be sure that it has passed some  tests that make it a good choice for the home.

Approved safes for the home

  • Level S1: These are light safes. They are light in comparison with the rest and are  recommended for domestic or private use. They are undoubtedly more secure than  the analogues.

  • Level S2: If you want more protection than we discussed with Level S1, this is the  safe for you.

  • Grade 0: Most typically for domestic use, but there are cases where they can also be  adapted to business needs.

  • Grade I: In this case you will find the option to store long arms and ammunition,  although it is only allowed for private use.

Approved safes for companies

  • Grade II: These are safes that are suitable for corporate use, specifically for  companies that need to store important documents.

  • Grade III: This grade contains safes that can hold small arms and ammunition, also  known as gun safes.

  • Grade IV: These approved safes are also known as lock and delay safes and are  widely used in jewellery shops, lottery shops, antique shops, banks and bingo halls,  among other businesses.

  • Grade V: The highest grade safe is also suitable for banks, jewellers or lotteries,  among other businesses, although in this case we are dealing with a maximum  security safe. They are also often used to safeguard works of art, for example. 

    Safes have a high level of protection and security, so in case of breakage or if the door does  not open, it is essential to have a professional with the necessary experience and tools to  open or repair it.

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