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Where to camouflage a safe at home?

If you already have your own safe at home or you are thinking about whether you need to  have one, but you don’t know where you should keep it, this article will be of interest to you.  Because safes offer us a lot of security in our own home, but it is essential to know the right  place to hide them. The most traditional places to camouflage a safe are usually behind a  table in the living room or in a bedroom. Therefore, it is preferable to avoid these kinds of  places so that it is not so predictable. 

Ideas for camouflaging a safe at home

As we mentioned, it is important not to camouflage the safe in a typical place and to think of  the strangest places in your home. Those places where no burglar would stop to look, so  that your valuables are fully secured.

Camouflaged safes: hidden under the ground

Camouflaged safes are designed to be buried in the ground, so that the safe is practically  invisible to any intrusion. Security is an essential issue in your home and this type of safe  can offer you guaranteed success. Think of the strangest place to protect your box and if  you bury it in the ground, it will be impossible for this security measure to fail.

Built-in safes: concealed in the wall

Built-in safes are designed to be recessed into a wall. Creating a hole in the wall to hide your  safe is a very good option. You can then cover this hole with a piece of furniture, a painting  or some decorative detail. In this way, the box will be completely camouflaged and  integrated into the architecture of the room where it is to be included.

Drop-in safes and where is the best place in your home to hide it

The safes are equipped with perimeter protection, providing equal resistance on all sides to  any external attack. These safes look simple and convenient, and are very easy to install.  But you will have to rack your brains to see which should be the ideal place for them in your  home. We think you should consider several locations before making your final decision. 

We suggest the place we think is the safest for a safe. That place is the children’s room, it  can be their wardrobes, which are full of toys and we can use it as a safe can serve as camouflage. It is a place where no one would ever think that anything of value  was stored.

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