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Old safes

Antique safes that can be purchased at antique shops or auctions are often used as decorative furniture in homes, shops and restaurants.

What is the security level of old safes?

Older safes should not be used as a security system. This is because older safes do not have the materials that are used today, let alone the security level of today’s safes.

What can an old safe be used for?

Over the years we have seen real fans of antique chests and antique safes, especially those with wooden finishes. Great decorators, surveyors and architects from all over the world have been using techniques to renovate the interior of these safes, reforming them as mini-bars, shoe cabinets, antique watch cabinets…

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Imagination when refurbishing an old safe.

There are workshops and steel craftsmen who can give an old safe a different colour tone than usual. This is achieved by ageing the sheet metal using solvents and acids that are corrosive to steel. There are also specialised paint shops that can carry out chrome plating of safes and all kinds of customisation of a safe.

Typical characteristics of old safes

Older safes usually have a double body system in which they have a steel plate and concrete. The locking systems usually have both espagnolette bolts and vertical supports. And the locking mechanisms are screwed and moved on the lock.

The concrete layer has a clayey composition, as it is a more economical system than current reinforced concretes.


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