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Autonomous arrival with key safe box

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Welcome to the future! Are there days when you go crazy trying to find a way to match your  schedule with those of the guests arriving and leaving your holiday flat? Or do you not want  to have several people at the reception 24h for key management and security? Does your  factory need to take special care with key handling and keep an automated record of key  usage? 

With a self-contained key safe, you can forget about all these problems. Want to know why? We tell you why.

Airbnb key safe

If you have a holiday flat, this self-arrival option is for you. Guests will be able to arrive at the  accommodation at any time after the set check-in time using the system provided by the key  safe. With the traditional check-in method, arrivals can be very unpredictable. There are  times when guests have flight delays or for other reasons do not arrive at the agreed time.  That’s why with self-contained key safes, you don’t have to worry about those long waits and  the need for continuous communication with your customers. 

Make sure you give clear instructions to your future guests so that there is no confusion  upon arrival. 

For your departure, you should know that you have to leave the keys in the same way as  when you arrived. This way, if you are not the person who is going to clean the  accommodation, this third person will be able to access the flat in the same way without you  having to go to the place. Convenient, isn’t it? 

In addition to the convenience and autonomy provided by this key deposit system, it is  important to bear in mind that the level of security it provides is very high. 

Any person who is going to use these boxes must be registered beforehand. These are the  three types of registration that the Gruber self-contained key safes allow. 

What security systems do they have?

It should be noted that Gruber stand-alone safes have 3 ways of knowing who is using the  keys. In addition, everything is recorded in your

system and creates a complete audit trail of all users so that there is full control and tracking  of keys. 

The first access would be by means of a PIN code assigned to the persons authorised to  use it. The second would be a card reader and the last access would be by reading the  fingerprint of each individual. 

They also have a battery backup so that in the event of a power failure, none of the data will  be lost and it will continue to function normally. 

The box has a strong wall anchoring system to ensure greater security.

Gruber key boxes for the safekeeping of your Gruber keys 

Find the most advanced key safes for your keys on our website. With a capacity to store  from 10 to 50 keys.


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