Bullet Trap

One of the most important elements in a shooting range or training center is the bullet trap. Gruber brings you a full line of training products and systems to accommodate all types of firearms training.

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Bullet trap Shooting Gallery

2150 x 800 x 1050 mm

Bullet trap Drawer

650 x 620 x 580 mm

Bullet trap 556

350 x 60 x 60 mm

Bullet Traps

Bullet traps have been designed to safely, reliably, and consistently receive bullets under all conditions and in all calibers appropriate to your shooting and training needs

Dry firing a gun is often necessary to check its status and insure all rounds have been removed. Our double walled Clearing Trap makes this a safe and simple process. The trap may be used to check handgun ammunition with complete confidence that the trap’s armored steel chamber filled with composite rubber will safely contain any unexpected shots fired.